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Welcome and thank you for your interest in the picture perfect community of Scottsdale, Arizona. Due to its location in the beautiful desert, the city has the advantage of what seems like an eternal summer where one can enjoy an assortment of activities under some of the most fantastic weather in our nation. After you have settled in your Scottsdale hotel, a favorite tourist activity to enjoy while in the city is shopping. Whether you're searching for the latest fashions at a state of the art shopping center or looking for the best bargains at places like department store outlets, Scottsdale will surely have something to satisfy your shopping needs. Another favorite among Scottsdale's tourist community is the arts, and Scottsdale is well known for its vast variety of art forms. You can enjoy a variety of exhibits while being educated at Scottsdale's Historical museum or you can enjoy some of the city's more contemporary art. You can also find an array of performing arts, anything from theater, to Opera, to ballet. If film is your art and you happen to be in the area while it takes place, why not take a look at Scottsdale's film festival? After a day well-spent shopping and enhancing your sense of culture, why not unwind and go paint the town red Scottsdale style, visit places like 5th Avenue Downtown Scottsdale! You can start by picking one of many delicious restaurants or for the more fun loving guys and gals you can skip all of that fancy stuff and go straight to the best steaks and barbequed ribs in Scottsdale. After dinner you might want to work off those calories by visiting one or several of the nightclubs that light up the city after dusk. If walking is not your style, get the services of a limousine to take you where you want to go. After all of that fun spent in the city of endless summer you might even decide you want to stay! And why not? Scottsdale has premiere real estate, with all types of beautiful homes for sale. This beautiful community also offers an alternative to traditional houses with its state of the art condominiums which are pleasing to the eye as well as functional and majestic. Don't traverse the treacherous waters of realty alone, there are many qualified real estate experts to help find a place for you in this thriving community. Now that you have read about this wonderful place go and enjoy the beautiful weather and visit the charming community of Scottsdale, we hope that you will enjoy your visit and come say hello to us at the 3 Palms Resort Oasis.  You can also find other popular hotels throughout Arizona when you look through the Arizona Hotel Directory featuring extensive listings around our beautiful state.