Acme Bar & Grill

Acme Bar & Grill
4245 N Craftsman Court
Scottsdale, 85251

For anybody that has seen a cartoon the name Acme brings back fond memories of Road Runner commercials and dynamite companies that would blow up in Wil E. Coyote's face. Well, now there is a Acme Bar & Grill where you can go and enjoy some of the finest food around.

Much like its no nonsense, no frill surroundings, the Acme Bar & Grill is all business when it comes to its customers. Time and again Acme has proven that while it may not be big on flash, it is huge on substance and character. The restaurant manages to cater to a variety of clientele including those that don't get around to eating dinner until midnight.

While you are up at the bar ordering your drinks, take some time and notice the 1952 Indian Chief motorcycle located right behind the bar. The vintage bike has become a symbol of the bar and is a huge topic of conversation among patrons. The bike looks so well taken care of that you would swear that it was just waiting for somebody to hop aboard, rev up the engine and go screeching off into the night.

On any given night you may find yourself bumping elbows with bikers playing pool at the table across from you, the bar may seem a little bit rough, but don't let looks fool you. Acme still maintains a high level of well respected clientele. In fact some of the nicest customers may well turn out to be that mountain of a man in the Hell's Angels jacket and three weeks of facial hair growth.

Much like the bright yellow Acme sign, the bar and lounge has become a beckon in the night for those that are looking for a place to hang out with a few good friends in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

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Shoot a round of pool at Acme Bar & Grill