1889 Saloon

1889 Saloon
5001 E Washington St
Scottsdale, AZ 85034

Ever have the fantasy of going back to the Wild West and sipping a sarsaparilla? The 1889 Saloon is the place you have been dreaming over. Located on East Washington, 1889 is perfect for those that have long thought of themselves as modern age cowboys. Take one step past those swinging saloon style doors and you will find yourself transported back to when outlaws roamed the West and cowboys hunkered down over campfires during cattle drives.

With its bar made of black cherry wood, glass chandelier and brass fixtures 1889 is a historian's dream. The only thing that even conjures up images of modern day the guys sitting around drinking Bud Light instead of whiskey. One of the main attractions of the saloon has got to be the giant mural located behind the bar. The mural pays homage to those magical days as it depicts starlets turning away the advances of a lecherous yellow belly cowards as well as lovely ladies showing off that summer's latest fashion craze which was ankle to neck swimsuits and was quite cutting edge back then.

Have you ever been in a club that has so many lights you feel like you are staring into the sun? Well, you don't have to worry about that here. In fact you might want to take a few seconds enjoying the light from the sun before stepping into the windowless saloon. While some might find this a little depressing other tend to view it as one of the final steps in making their fantasy become a reality. After all, the real cowboys weren't sitting underneath the bright lights of today.

For those that have always fancied them as some of or cowboy or those that just long for a time when things were a bit simpler, why not travel back to 1889.

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Visit the historic 1889 Saloon